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Jthecolour Responsive website

JTheColour Loves Its New Website

Our new website is live, and we officially love it.

You can now find whatever you are looking for on the new JTheColour website that is fully responsive for desktop, tablet, and all Smartphone devices.

Get information about the unique JTheColour professional salon only Gel Hair Colour system that is used by true salon colourists to mix and make any hair colour that they need, or desire!

Read about JTheColour Ammonia Free Hair Colour that can used for sensitive scalps and fragile hair types.

Or learn about the JTheColour Creme Hair Colour for resistant and hard to cover hair types that is still gentle to all hair and scalp types.

Our new online store also has all of our home haircare retail lines available that we will deliver straight to your front door.


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Our New On-line Store Delivers To Your Door

Did you know that JTheColour has a great new service to offer you and your clients?

A World First

JTheColour is selling its retail through a number of salon apps, where their clients can purchase haircare at recommended retail prices, and then receive the items delivered to their homes.

How it works.

– The client orders and pays for retail from their own smartphone app.( including freight)
– A copy of the order is sent to the salon and JTheColour
– The salons usual mark-up ( 80 % ) is paid into the salons account instantly.
– JTheColour packs and sends the order to the clients front door.
– turnaround time is 1-2 days.

The salon pays nothing, purchases nothing, outlays nothing at all.

Online retailing is popular for a number of reasons such as saving time, comfortable shopping, no parking needed, to name a few.

If you want to be a part of this online revolution, contact us for more details.