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Joinex a safe super light hair colouring system


Joinex 1 and 2


JOINEX is a new multifunction protective treatment, the fine result of Italian research and technology.

Thanks to its 2-phases, JOINEX 1 and JOINEX 2, it offers a double guarantee both at the surface level in the cuticle and at the intercortical level within the cortex.

JOINEX is the perfect ally for cuticles, improving the hair structure while adding brilliance and shine. It penetrates deep into the cortex repairing capillary bonds and structures, even in hair most damaged by aggressive and repeated treatments.
JOINEX can be used alone or as a mixture allowing you to work safely and effectively during the five basic services in hairdressing: bleaching, colouring, perming, straightening and reconstruction., and it wont effect the processing time of any hair treatment.

What does JOINEX contain?

JOINEX is an innovative professional formula especially created to protect hair during all technical treatments. Formulated with NATURAL ACTIVES that help rebuild the sulphur bridges reduced by chemical treatments, it is enriched with HYALURONIC ACID and 18 AMINO ACIDS to protect skin and hair. JOINEX REGENERATES, COMPACTS AND RECONSTRUCTS HAIR FIBRES.

Beneficial results of JOINEX:

JOINEX restores and repairs hair that has been sensitized during the development time of technical treatments by increasing strength, elasticity, volume and shine beyond all expectations. After just one application, JOINEX will eliminate any feeling of dry and rough hair caused by technical and chemical treatments. It prevents sensitization from occurring during even the most aggressive treatments. JOINEX regenerates and revitalizes the structure of fragile hair. 


JOINEX rebuilds, compacts and protects the hair fibres, creating new internal bonds. Used as it is, JOINEX adds body and volume leaving hair shiny, bouncy and fuller, without weighing it down. It is suitable for all hair types.



Added to the mixture of bleach and oxidant, JOINEX preserves the capillary structure and mitigates the action of persulfates on the hair structure. JOINEX does not interfere with the bleaching process and does not require changes to application method and type of bleaching used.



Added to the super lightening hair colour and oxidant, JOINEX preserves the hair structure.



Applied after mixing the colour cream and oxidant, JOINEX improves hair integrity, while adding shine and gloss for a long-lasting effect.



Added to straightening services JOINEX helps preserve the integrity of the hair fibre and provides optimum results.


Joinex super

Why Quality Home Hair Care Is Important

Quality home hair care is important for a variety of reasons.

I can never quite understand why somebody would pay a lot of money to have their hair cut, coloured, treated, and then walk out of the salon and purchase cheap and nasty products for their home hair care maintenance.

It truly makes no sense at all to me?

Using good quality hair care products will:

– improve your hairs condition making it manageable for you
– will ensure that your new hair colour or Keratin treatment will last as long as it should
– will stop your hair from drying out and possibly splitting 
– will make styling your hair simple and easy 
– will make you look and feel fabulous.
– will minimize the risk of contracting scalp and hair disorders.

Although more expensive, quality home hair care products are like an insurance policy against all the bad things that come with cheap and nasty products.

JTheColour has 5 hair care product ranges to choose from that are all uniquely different  and that cater for individual hair and scalp types.

Take a look in our shop and read up on what hair product best suits your hair and scalp type, and don’t make the silly mistake that so many people do.

Peter Balsamo…