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J Professional Hair Care prides itself on its revolutionary, salon only, professional hair colouring services

Baco Colour – Naturally Beautiful

For the creative hair colourist:

J Professional prides itself on the revolutionary salon only professional hair colouring system to satisfy every need.  A wide range of shades, performing and treating formulations, for bright colour results and naturally beautiful hair.

The colour chart is bold and classy, not to mention easy to read.

Made in Italy, do not wait to make your customers 100% satisfied with their hair colour, contact us right now and we will send our highly qualified representatives to meet and tell you more about J Professional Hair Care.

Baco ColorSplash – Direct Colouring

Vibrant pigments and ease of use to create multicolour and trendy effects . Formula enriched with hydrolyzed silk and keratin for brilliant colours and healthy, soft and lustrous hair.

Enquire today for a demonstration or to get more information and pricing.

See a J-Representative

If you’re a little unsure right now about the product that you’re using, or if you’re getting the best bang for your buck, you’re not alone!

With so many options and choices out there, where do you start?

You start with a sales representative that is well informed, honest, knows the industry well, has hands on experience to know what they are talking about, and the challenges that you face on a daily basis.

You also need a company that understands all of these important factors too, but what’s more, a company that has a unique product that will not just save you money, but provide you with all the tools to make more money too!

Perhaps you are paying too much, more than you need to be for hair colour, or perhaps you’re not getting the training your entitled to receive?

Or perhaps your salon and business is simply not big or important enough to the company that you are currently dealing with?

If you’ve landed here, the chances are that one or many of these things are real to you.

Give us a call, we will show you what we can do to help you take your hair salon to a whole new level.

You could surprise yourself!

J School Education

J Professional Hair Care has an extensive range of courses available that are run and prepared by qualified hairdressers-colourists.

Moreover, the entire professional team that includes technicians that are all current in the hair industry, are sent over to Italy on a regular basis to be put through vigorous training in the latest hair colour, cutting, and styling techniques.

Now that must be hard to take?

Salon Training

J Professional Hair Care offers extensive training to all of its salons right across Australia to enable all hair colourists to colour with confidence. J Professional Hair Care has a number of trained technicians that provide training at J headquarters Mortdale NSW on a regular basis. Alternatively, a technician will come to your salon to do extension hands on training face to face for any of your hair colour needs.

  • Complex hair colour fundamentals
  • Creative hair colouring techniques
  • Junior hair colour fundamentals
  • Scalp bleaching & corrective hair colouring

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