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Joinex a safe super light hair colouring system


Joinex 1 and 2


JOINEX is a new multifunction protective treatment, the fine result of Italian research and technology.

Thanks to its 2-phases, JOINEX 1 and JOINEX 2, it offers a double guarantee both at the surface level in the cuticle and at the intercortical level within the cortex.

JOINEX is the perfect ally for cuticles, improving the hair structure while adding brilliance and shine. It penetrates deep into the cortex repairing capillary bonds and structures, even in hair most damaged by aggressive and repeated treatments.
JOINEX can be used alone or as a mixture allowing you to work safely and effectively during the five basic services in hairdressing: bleaching, colouring, perming, straightening and reconstruction., and it wont effect the processing time of any hair treatment.

What does JOINEX contain?

JOINEX is an innovative professional formula especially created to protect hair during all technical treatments. Formulated with NATURAL ACTIVES that help rebuild the sulphur bridges reduced by chemical treatments, it is enriched with HYALURONIC ACID and 18 AMINO ACIDS to protect skin and hair. JOINEX REGENERATES, COMPACTS AND RECONSTRUCTS HAIR FIBRES.

Beneficial results of JOINEX:

JOINEX restores and repairs hair that has been sensitized during the development time of technical treatments by increasing strength, elasticity, volume and shine beyond all expectations. After just one application, JOINEX will eliminate any feeling of dry and rough hair caused by technical and chemical treatments. It prevents sensitization from occurring during even the most aggressive treatments. JOINEX regenerates and revitalizes the structure of fragile hair. 


JOINEX rebuilds, compacts and protects the hair fibres, creating new internal bonds. Used as it is, JOINEX adds body and volume leaving hair shiny, bouncy and fuller, without weighing it down. It is suitable for all hair types.



Added to the mixture of bleach and oxidant, JOINEX preserves the capillary structure and mitigates the action of persulfates on the hair structure. JOINEX does not interfere with the bleaching process and does not require changes to application method and type of bleaching used.



Added to the super lightening hair colour and oxidant, JOINEX preserves the hair structure.



Applied after mixing the colour cream and oxidant, JOINEX improves hair integrity, while adding shine and gloss for a long-lasting effect.



Added to straightening services JOINEX helps preserve the integrity of the hair fibre and provides optimum results.


Joinex super

Reidra Restructuring Shampoo

Organic Shampoo For The Whole Family

I guess we hear all the time about organic products and how they are better for us. It make sense right that if something has been grown naturally with no added chemicals or preservatives that it is better for us and our health?

The ReIdra range of hair care is organic, and I want to talk about the Restructuring shampoo in particular.

This restructuring and cleansing shampoo is free of SLS and other aggressive surfactants. It also contains a wide range of moisturizing plant based ingredients, as well as conditioning and softening agents, and a protective film forming element that enrich and nourishes your hair .  Some of the other natural products include wheat protein, silk protein, and plant based glycol extracts.

If your scalp is sensitive, dry, or you simply want a great family shampoo then you cant go past the Reidra Restructuring Shampoo.



Anti Dandruff Scrub

An Anti Dandruff Scrub That Really Works.

Did you know that Re-Idra Ant Dandruff Scrub is an amazing organic treatment to fight dandruff and remove excess dead cells, which cause the accumulation of impurities and excess oil (Dandruff)? The scrub can be used as a shampoo and is an excellent preventive way to eliminate excess build up and to soothe irritation to the scalp (menthol). The glycol, citric and lactic acid help remove dead skin cells on the scalp while the small granular particles also act as a soothing loofa.

Studies have shown that continued use of the Re-Idra Ant Dandruff Scrub for both male and female will not only contain dandruff and flaking scalp disorders, but eliminate the problem altogether !

More importantly, using the anti dandruff scrub will not dry out your hair or fade any artificial hair colour.

If you have dry scalp or dandruff, you really should try this incredible product!

Jthecolour Responsive website

JTheColour Loves Its New Website

Our new website is live, and we officially love it.

You can now find whatever you are looking for on the new JTheColour website that is fully responsive for desktop, tablet, and all Smartphone devices.

Get information about the unique JTheColour professional salon only Gel Hair Colour system that is used by true salon colourists to mix and make any hair colour that they need, or desire!

Read about JTheColour Ammonia Free Hair Colour that can used for sensitive scalps and fragile hair types.

Or learn about the JTheColour Creme Hair Colour for resistant and hard to cover hair types that is still gentle to all hair and scalp types.

Our new online store also has all of our home haircare retail lines available that we will deliver straight to your front door.


Peter Balsamo…………


Inspire your clients, challenge yourself

Are you or your staff in auto pilot, going through the motions never venturing out of that safe space or comfort zone? Sure clients like consistency and familiarity, however don’t kid yourself into believing thats all they want or need! Would you be happy if JTheColour never offered you any new products, ideas, training, or even a poster for your window? Every day is a great day to offer a change to somebody’s outlook, improve their self perception, how they interact with others,. Be inspiring !! Peter JTheClour

Eleven Fluid Keratin & Argan Spray

Have you tried our Eleven Fluid? Enriched with Argan oil and Keratin, this intensive mask spray solves in a single step the most frequent problems of the hair in the application of a spray! 

Biominoil will instantly repair your hair.

Biominoil instant treatment

Did you know that your hair loses mositure naturally every single day? Did you also know that your hair has absolutely no ability on its own to re nourishm or reapir itself?
The truth of the matter is, your hair physicaly speaking is dead!
If it where alive you would need an anaesthetic just to have your ends trimmed.

That said, your hair loses moisture first, then becomes unruly, and ultimately split from a combination of the following things.

– The environment and harsh sun
– Heat and blow drying
– Ceramic iron straightening
– Chemical services such as hair colour and lightening
– Ageing hair.

You need to add moisture and protein to repair the loss or damage before it becomes irreparable.

Biominoil treatments are a quick and easy way to treat and repair your hair and you can do this easily yourself from home.

After shampooing your hair apply some biominoil to the hair. Rinse out as soon as you like as the hair is treated instantly. This treatment will improve hair quality. its a KERATIN PROTEIN TREATMENT, and it will lock in colour as well.

And each small treatment is very affordable too.

A must for people serious about having healthy hair