Purify #Be pure. Be you.

Purify #Be pure. Be you.

The haircare line that cares for and conditions hair.  It shares its passion with every woman, creating the perfect mix of love and protection with a glamorous touch.

Intoxicating perfumes, captivating colours and carefully-chosen ingredients combined to give life to our modern-day fairytale.

COLORE – Prolongs the duration of colour.

HYDRA – Preserves the right hydration.

VOLUME – Increases the volume of hair.

REALE – Intensely nourishes hair.

Are you ready to add a touch of glamour to your beauty routine?

Choose the perfect helper for your every need:

#Ultra the intensive Restructuring Mask;

#Leave-In Spray the no-rinse Detangler;

#Soffice the leave-in Mousse for incredibly soft hair;

#Restructure the Intensive Repair Treatment.

A perfect assortment of care and protection!

Style Perfetto Room!

Styling is like make-up.  It changes every day depending on our mood, the inspiration of the moment and artistic trends.

Styling can create looks full of expression and free every personality type.

Styling is art.

Ready to discover it with STYLE PERFETTO?

Style Perfetto lets you work on any type of hair with surprising results:

from the moment an idea takes shape

INSPIRATION to the moment the look is created CREATIVITY

to the finishing EVOLUTION.

Discover the WINNING MIXES

An extraordinary recipe for creating different looks every day by sticking to the three key moments in the creation of Styles.

Deonesse Gets A Makeover

You spoke- We heard you…


You told us that that you wanted sulphate and Paraben FREE ingredients added into the Deonesse range to make it even better.

So we went ahead and did it!

And while we were at it, we decided to make a few more changes.


– A new fragrance for each product line.

– All new ingredients organic in nature.

– New sleek packaging with an automated pop out lid, and rubber top.

– Revamped Kiwi, peppermint, repair, and colour haircare ranges.

We have also added a new product to this range.

Deonesse Violet Toning Mask – Designed for blonde hair, to remove unwanted yellow and brassy tones while depositing cool violet/blue tones. The end result tone will depend on the warmth that is currently in the hair prior to application.  Enriched with Lavender flower extract, Grapefruit extract and Rosemary leaf oil which leaves the hair with a natural and healthy shine.


The new Deonesse range has become a big hit.

Only available in professional hair salons.










Joinex a safe super light hair colouring system


Joinex 1 and 2


JOINEX is a new multifunction protective treatment, the fine result of Italian research and technology.

Thanks to its 2-phases, JOINEX 1 and JOINEX 2, it offers a double guarantee both at the surface level in the cuticle and at the intercortical level within the cortex.

JOINEX is the perfect ally for cuticles, improving the hair structure while adding brilliance and shine. It penetrates deep into the cortex repairing capillary bonds and structures, even in hair most damaged by aggressive and repeated treatments.
JOINEX can be used alone or as a mixture allowing you to work safely and effectively during the five basic services in hairdressing: bleaching, colouring, perming, straightening and reconstruction., and it wont effect the processing time of any hair treatment.

What does JOINEX contain?

JOINEX is an innovative professional formula especially created to protect hair during all technical treatments. Formulated with NATURAL ACTIVES that help rebuild the sulphur bridges reduced by chemical treatments, it is enriched with HYALURONIC ACID and 18 AMINO ACIDS to protect skin and hair. JOINEX REGENERATES, COMPACTS AND RECONSTRUCTS HAIR FIBRES.

Beneficial results of JOINEX:

JOINEX restores and repairs hair that has been sensitized during the development time of technical treatments by increasing strength, elasticity, volume and shine beyond all expectations. After just one application, JOINEX will eliminate any feeling of dry and rough hair caused by technical and chemical treatments. It prevents sensitization from occurring during even the most aggressive treatments. JOINEX regenerates and revitalizes the structure of fragile hair. 


JOINEX rebuilds, compacts and protects the hair fibres, creating new internal bonds. Used as it is, JOINEX adds body and volume leaving hair shiny, bouncy and fuller, without weighing it down. It is suitable for all hair types.



Added to the mixture of bleach and oxidant, JOINEX preserves the capillary structure and mitigates the action of persulfates on the hair structure. JOINEX does not interfere with the bleaching process and does not require changes to application method and type of bleaching used.



Added to the super lightening hair colour and oxidant, JOINEX preserves the hair structure.



Applied after mixing the colour cream and oxidant, JOINEX improves hair integrity, while adding shine and gloss for a long-lasting effect.



Added to straightening services JOINEX helps preserve the integrity of the hair fibre and provides optimum results.


Joinex super

LadyJ luxury haircare has arrived

Jthecolour haircare has done it again.

They have created the most amazing new range of salon only haircare that oozes luxury, style, and sensual sophistication.

The new range of haircare is called LadyJ and comes complete with 7 products that have been made using a mix of the following ingredients.

– Caviar Oil

– Silk Oil

– Pearl Extracts

– Omega 3 & 6

– D-Panthenol & vitamin E Anti Oxidant, & anti ageing.


LadyJ will make your hair look and feel beautiful providing a botox for hair effect. it’s a luxury range of haircare but at affordable pricing.

There are 7 products in the range that includes;


– Pearl Extract Shampoo & Conditioner designed specifically for coloured and chemically treated hair, to lock colour in and enhance it over time. The shampoo and conditioner are both available in 250 mls and 1 litre sizes.

– Silken oil Fluid with pearl extracts will leave your hair light, soft, & shiny.

– Curly Fluid with pearl extracts is a thermo active styler that will give body and bounce to your curls without weighing them down.

– Shine Wax with pearl extracts  will provide you with a glossy finish and even a wet look. You can also create some amazing effects and contrast in your hair while leaving it light, soft, and with amazing shine.

– Scented Hair Shine Perfume is a hair finishing fragrance that will provide you with extreme shine.

For more information on the LADYJ range of haircare, please call (02) 9533 1933








Gel Hair Colour Personally Created In The Salon For Each Client.

JTheColour uses a variety of different colour types for the many hair types that it’s salons encounter each and every day all over Australia.


One of these amazing colour ranges is the revolutionary salon only Gel hair colouring system.

This Gel Hair Colour system is rather unique in many ways, the complete range consists of just 10 base colours and 7 concentrates.  With these 17 colours, the hair colourist is able to create an infinite spectrum of colours for any hair type and colour need. Many hairdressers have remarked that this is like them having their very own artist pallete!

The colour range is also set up on a trolley making it mobile to be wheeled around from client to client.

But most importantly, this type of hair colour is

– Gentle on the hair shaft (very low ammonia)

– Covers grey hair up to 100 %

– Does not stain the skin or scalp

– Creates a beautiful gloss and shine that lasts.

– Can be mixed by an expert to achieve personalised results for each client every time.

Call us today, tell us where you are, and we will give you the contact details of a professional salon near you.

new hair colour

A new hair colour will make you feel amazing

If your feeling a little flat right now, down and uninspired then its time to consider a change. No not a new home, a job, or partner, what I am talking about is a new hairstyle and in particular hair colour!

A new hair colour will pick you up and make you feel new again, refreshed and amazing.

Try a lighter shade, or a brighter tone? perhaps your concerned about a few greys hairs that have appeared recently? whatever your reason is, you can be sure that you will feel sensational once you walk out of the salon.

Jthecolour always recommends a professional hairdressers advice, expert opinion, and knowhow when it comes to hair colouring.

So go on, treat yourself and feel amazing!


Reidra Restructuring Shampoo

Organic Shampoo For The Whole Family

I guess we hear all the time about organic products and how they are better for us. It make sense right that if something has been grown naturally with no added chemicals or preservatives that it is better for us and our health?

The ReIdra range of hair care is organic, and I want to talk about the Restructuring shampoo in particular.

This restructuring and cleansing shampoo is free of SLS and other aggressive surfactants. It also contains a wide range of moisturizing plant based ingredients, as well as conditioning and softening agents, and a protective film forming element that enrich and nourishes your hair .  Some of the other natural products include wheat protein, silk protein, and plant based glycol extracts.

If your scalp is sensitive, dry, or you simply want a great family shampoo then you cant go past the Reidra Restructuring Shampoo.