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Deonesse Gets A Makeover

You spoke- We heard you…


You told us that that you wanted sulphate and Paraben FREE ingredients added into the Deonesse range to make it even better.

So we went ahead and did it!

And while we were at it, we decided to make a few more changes.


– A new fragrance for each product line.

– All new ingredients organic in nature.

– New sleek packaging with an automated pop out lid, and rubber top.

– Revamped Kiwi, peppermint, repair, and colour haircare ranges.

We have also added a new product to this range.

Deonesse Violet Toning Mask – Designed for blonde hair, to remove unwanted yellow and brassy tones while depositing cool violet/blue tones. The end result tone will depend on the warmth that is currently in the hair prior to application.  Enriched with Lavender flower extract, Grapefruit extract and Rosemary leaf oil which leaves the hair with a natural and healthy shine.


The new Deonesse range has become a big hit.

Only available in professional hair salons.