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Gel Hair Colour Personally Created In The Salon For Each Client.

JTheColour uses a variety of different colour types for the many hair types that it’s salons encounter each and every day all over Australia.


One of these amazing colour ranges is the revolutionary salon only Gel hair colouring system.

This Gel Hair Colour system is rather unique in many ways, the complete range consists of just 10 base colours and 7 concentrates.  With these 17 colours, the hair colourist is able to create an infinite spectrum of colours for any hair type and colour need. Many hairdressers have remarked that this is like them having their very own artist pallete!

The colour range is also set up on a trolley making it mobile to be wheeled around from client to client.

But most importantly, this type of hair colour is

– Gentle on the hair shaft (very low ammonia)

– Covers grey hair up to 100 %

– Does not stain the skin or scalp

– Creates a beautiful gloss and shine that lasts.

– Can be mixed by an expert to achieve personalised results for each client every time.

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